Sunday, February 5, 2012

Right outside your door

I have more time on my hands lately and it has been nice.  To sit and think, to enjoy small things, to get back in balance. 

So Btown doesn't offer much in the way of cultural diversity, wild nightlife, culinary treats, or sunny beaches, but one thing it does have is wilderness.  The crazy thing is, not many people take advantage of it.

This winter has been quite strange in that we had massive snow in October but now the ground is bare and the bulbs are actually starting to break through the ground.  With no snow, it is still possible to hike.

One thing I have always loved is being totally alone in the woods.  Only surrounded by natural sounds and smells.  There is something magical about it that can either make you totally at peace or can scare the wits out of you.

From my stroll around the Quabbin, I now consider this a favorite place.

So early last Sunday morning I found myself on a stroll through the woods.  Frosty ground crunching under my feet, icy water lapping at the shore, deer flagging their tails away from me.  On this day, the woods put me totally at peace.