Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fat and Slow

Everyone has had one of those training days when things just didn't click. 

My first outdoor run in quite a while was supposed to show how much fitness I had retained as I had diversified my training.  I've been working hard damnit!  I just haven't been running outside.  By the end of the run I was wiped out, my form got all sloppy and I was just basically dragging myself home.

As it turns out the best way to improve or retain your running ability is to actually run.  Yes I know it is an odd concept.  Apparently practice does make perfect, go figure.

I once read a book on running that gave the advice of "you need to go slow to go fast" then later in the same book "you need to go fast to go fast".  I'm confused, I think people are just making this $h!t up.  Even some of the better books say things that are just stupid.  They use words like "effortless" to describe their running technique.  I have to call BS on that one.  I've had good runs that felt like I had springs in my legs but I would never describe them as effortless. 

So needless to say I won't be entering any races anytime soon, my ego just can't take it.  Although this is supposed to be the time of year that training isn't serious and you work on your weaknesses. Well I have a lot to work on, that is for sure. 

Maybe there will be a cheeseburger eating competition, I might have a shot.