Monday, November 15, 2010

McRib Sandwich and how to hate yourself in under 5 minutes

The McRib Sandwich has been rumored to cause riots in the South and is guaranteed to cause a riot in your mouth.
I will confess that just last week, I ate a McRib sandwich.  I did it.  I admit.

It all started with fond rememberance of my college years and my willingness to eat anything highly processed and tasty/nasty.  Well, let's just say I should have left this one in my memories.

The McRib in case you don't know, is a sandwich at McDonalds.  It's comparison to "ribs" I think, has more to do with its stamped shape than it's contents, flavor, or cooking technique.
It is a bit of a Frankenstein creation which is MOLDED, yes Molded, pork meat (assumption), in the form of a miniature rack of ribs.  Covered in very strong BBQ sauce and put on a bun with some pickles and onion type fixin’s on top.

Many down South would call this Feaux Q and I won't disagree.  If hot dogs are bad for you and questionable in content then this sandwich is hot dogs X 100.

There is a moment right before you bite into the sandwich when you consider turning back and putting it back inside the box.  You know that it could possibly cause an immediate heart attack, but, it may also make you feel full and sleepy. In reality it just makes you feel Gross and Guilty.

In the end, I am glad that I did it.  I will never do it again.  I promise.

Cheeseburgers on the other hand.......