Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Aero Helmet

Nothing in this world personifies a Triathlete like the Aero Helmet. 

There is a moment in every Triathletes journey when they realize that they are ready for this masterpiece of refinement and evolution.  It is a commitment to speed that outweighs the potential for embarrasment that wearing a pointy piece of foam and plastic on your head can create.

Just to compete in a race you must be ready to cross certain barriers of humility.  You start your day by donning a suit made 100% from spandex.  To make matters worse, you will wear this into public and place yourself into the spotlight.  You will immerse yourself in cold water and then run for everyone to watch.  This is just the beginning. 

Once you have become comfortable with the spandex, the nasty sweaty wetness, the snot rocketteering, and other other unspeakable incidents, you will soon be ready for the pointy helmet.

I turned this corner myself just this past race season.  I woke up one morning and I just knew I was ready.  I announced it to the world (ok maybe just family, friends, and coach).   I went to my favorite bike shop and I announced it as if it were important news that must be heard.  "I am ready for the pointy helmet!"  Matt , the owner, just stared at me for a minute then gave a slow nod like he was witnessing some significant evolutionary moment in my life. 

Soon it had arrived and I was not the only one excited!  Matt had already taken it out of the box and had it waiting for me right on the counter.  I placed it on my head and I think I heard angels sing.  I felt faster than ever before.  So I rushed home and got suited up as quickly as possible.  Not in the normal bike training outfit.... No Way.... this was a day for the race clothing.  I found myself faster than ever that day, I pedaled with the focus of a fully committed athlete. 

I checked the calendar for the next bike club Time Trial event.  I had 3 days to wait.

The day of the event, I once again wore my race outfit, crowned myself with my pointy helmet and arrived ready to compete.  I could feel the eyes of the others staring in envy,  I could hear their wispers about my new found speedy gear.  I gave that day my 100% effort and it felt great. 

I hope some day you too can feel the dedication and commitment that is the Aero Helmet.