Friday, December 17, 2010

Welcome to Backwards Town

In case you have been wondering where I have been and why you haven't seen any updated posts... once again I have been censored by the Chinese Government.  Because this blog is run by Google I can't access it while in China.  I can't even check my Google mail account unless I am signing in at one of our corporate servers. 
So now that I am home from my trip and well rested.  I'm ready to unleash some serious blogging activity!

So for today, lets piss off the Belchertown Police again!  No wait, lets piss off the entire local government!

As I have said before, I live in a small town, not very sophisticated.  Now they have decided that the best solution to heavy traffic outside a small local bank is to post a police officer there EVERY DAY.  His sole job is to get out of his car everytime someone wants to pull in or out of the bank, he steps in the road and stops traffic.

I know it's a novel idea...... but...... maybe we could install a traffic light! 

Am I missing something here people???

So, may I make a formal request.  Public Works, Town Council, Someone, Anyone, please pull your head out of your ass and install a traffic light!  Then our officers can get back to doing what they do best, racial profiling, donuts, and practicing intimidating looks in the mirror.