Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Wonderland - a visit from our friendly owl

Winter seems to be one of those LOVE IT or HATE IT things.  Love it for the beauty of fresh snow and the great outdoor activities or Hate it for the bitter cold, dangerous driving, and endless shoveling.  Today I love it; let me tell you why...

I just flew back home again yesterday and I was laying on the couch just looking out the window.  I saw a flash of movement and a huge bird landed on a limb right in front of me.  I recognized it as the Barred Owl that has been visiting our yard all winter.  This time he was in one of the closer trees just scanning the fresh snow on the forest floor for any potential lunch opportunities.

He spent about 30 minutes moving from branch to branch and tree to tree with his head on a swivel.  At one point I got brave enough to open the sliding glass door and shoot a photo of him.  As you can see he was keeping an eye on me too.

I was amazed at what an amazing presence this bird had.  He was so well camoflaged, but it seemed every animal had such respect that they stayed well hidden.  Probably a good idea, he looks hungry.