Saturday, September 18, 2010

Calling all Angels

You know that feeling, when you have a goal and you are committed to reaching it?

For about 10 months I was totally focused on completing a half ironman distance triathlon. (1.2mile swim, 56mile bike, 13.1mile run) When I say totally committed, that is probably an understatement, it was obsessive.  The people around me suffered worse than me.  I was typically spending over 10 hours / week training, and racing once a month.  I was going to complete this 6 hour battle no matter what!

Because I'm relatively new to this whole Tri thing, I am still building my endurance and resistance to the fatigue caused by training and racing.  Since I have a tendency to over do things, I enlisted the help of a great trainer and coach. She got me in the best cardio shape of my life without allowing me to overtrain and get injured. 

I did about half a dozen smaller races, where I was able to cut minutes off last years times, my speed was up and I could go farther than ever.  Things were right on track coming into the final stretch known as the "taper".  Basically all I had to do was stay healthy and show up.

In the final two weeks, a life changing event happened. 

We lost a very dear family member who had battled cancer for years.  I say we, because it was a loss felt by the entire region, not just family and close friends.  At the wake, lines stretched down the street.  At the funeral, empty seats could not be found.  Newspapers wrote stories about her life and battle.  The city dropped flags to half mast and held moments of silence.  Small children sang songs in her memory.

I never did show up to that big race, I did something much more important. 

Rest in peace Marsha, you made the world a better place.