Sunday, September 5, 2010

Please pay attention

Because I race triathlons I train, or is it because I train I race?  Either way, I spend many hours each week running and biking the mean streets of Btown. 

Btown doesn't believe in bike lanes or even putting wide shoulders on roads.  That leaves me running and riding down a skinny white line.  If running, I go against traffic so I can see the cars headed my way.  If biking, I ride with traffic and follow the same rules that cars would have.

Being out in the open air and traveling at relatively low speeds means you can make lots of observations about people in general, their houses, yards, cars, etc.  Recently when riding through Bondsville, I realized that many of them like to have their exhaust system drag behind their car.  Also a car missing a wheel is considered a nice lawn ornament. 

One thing I notice, everywhere I run or ride is that many people don't pay attention.  They are too busy on their cell phone, eating a donut, adjusting the radio, and picking their nose.  For me it means that I almost get hit at intersections where they only look one way and pull out right in front of me.  I routinely have to dive off the road when an oncoming car veers off toward my skinny white line.  People must think I like it when they buzz me at 50 mph with just a couple inches to spare. 

This is me dressed in a squirrel suit

So if everyone would just watch where they are going, look both ways, hang up their cell phone, don't drink and drive, stop for people in crosswalks, put down the donut, and give me more than 8 inches of room I would appreciate it.  Plus then I could stop calling you all nasty names when you almost hit me.