Monday, September 6, 2010


What the hell is a Manovation?  It is an innovation that is decidedly manly, may put property at risk, and probably will result in bodily injury.  It is not required to actually be successful as long as it entertains as it fails.

To provide a hint at todays manovation, I offer you this picture.
Yes, this is not your average leaf blower.  It can create a focused blast of air over 200 mph.  It is a serious tool for serious jobs.  Proper personal protective equipment is mandatory.

Now this device can be extremely useful in the yard to help clean up leaves or sweep your driveway.  If you are adventurous you will climb a ladder and use it to clean your gutters.  Overall, a very handy device.

Today, the job of the jet pack leaf blower from hell is to clean the garage.  Over the past 12 months the garage has filled with sand and leaves and cobwebs and mouse crap.  It would take forever to sweep around all the stuff in there to do a thorough cleaning.  This is clearly a job for a 200 mph blast of air.

I am pretty sure that I ended up wearing 95% of the dirt that was in the garage when I started, but overall I think it did a pretty good job.  I have to go take another shower and clean the grit out of my mouth but I'd say it was worth it.  Good for another 12 months and I bet the mice will appreciate it too.