Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WTF is up with hotel hot tubs?

Have you ever stayed in a hotel?   Ok stupid question... everyone has stayed in a hotel.
Have you ever stayed in a hotel with a pool?  Ok, probably you have done that too.
Have you ever stayed in a hotel with a pool and a hot tub?

Welcome to the topic of this post.

Hotel hot tubs are NEVER what your imagination makes them out to be.  I picture mountain lodge with a steaming tub of pristine bubbling water.  Maybe it's a little optimistic, but whatever, it's my imagination and I can do what I want!

My wonderful imagination only sets me up to fall even further when I am faced with reality. 

My reality has shown me time and time again, that the hot tub in the advertisement picture for the hotel is an absolute farce.  On top of that some of them show pretty girls sitting in the tub wearing a bikini.  This is BS!

In reality, the hotel hot tub looks something like this.

Trust me, you are fortunate if it is this clean.  Most of them are so full of urine from 5 year old little boys that you can't see the bottom.

Also, when you find out the hotel has a pool and a hot tub, the first thing you do is go check it out.  But you don't get all suited up to do it, you go in your street cloths right.  You are just being casual. 

So you walk into the pool area and stick your head around the corner... what do you see?

You see this guy, hopefully minus the horse sitting all by himself in the hot tub.  If you are lucky, there is no eye contact that takes place.  If you aren't lucky, he sees you checking things out and the wierd factor goes through the roof.

Either way you are totally screwed and will never, ever step foot in the room ever again!  You know that the odds are low that he will be there, but is it really worth that chance? 

Think about it.