Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adapt and Overcome

I really enjoy the sport of Triathlon and over the past couple years it has become the main focus of my physical training.  I have spent quite a lot of time either training, or reading about training, or dreaming of fast bikes and light shoes.  I'm also an engineer at heart so I analyze the hell out of everything and like to have a plan.

I've been working with a great trainer named Martha Grinnell who not only has proven that she can kick ass in the sport (at the pro level) but also has an uncanny ability to understand the needs of an athlete.

Over the past couple years we have been able to use a pretty much traditional triathlon training regimen and it has worked really well.  I'm so much better than I was when I first started out.

Now we have a new challenge.  Because I am traveling quite a bit, I don't always have access to a bike, a pool, or an open road that is safe to run.  I was left wondering how in the world am I going to train and compete under the circumstances.  I didn't have to wonder long because Martha had more ideas than I could wrap my head around.  Put it this way, I won't have any excuses for not getting in a workout.

So now, possible workout locations include stairwells, hallways, and I'm pretty sure I'll be doing some type of airport terminal workout.  Of course sometimes I'll have access to a good gym or pool, but now that isn't mandatory.  The true test will be if I can improve my race times over last year.  Time will tell.

So stay tuned, I'll do my best to post some unique workouts. 

Today, I joined Katie for a Crossfit workout.  I only did the fitness evaluation and I was completely wiped out.  I totally hit the wall and it didn't take long.  I'd love to find a way to fit their workouts into my program as we go forward.