Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Costume Guide

Tis the season for Halloween parties and Trick or Treating.  It can be stressful picking out just the right costume for this holiday.  You could just go to the store and buy something, but that is a little weak.  The challenge is to be creative and unique.  Last year, I created a Lone Ranger costume and I'm not sure it worked out so well.  Overall, if I was going to describe it, I would say ODD.  I am no expert and my historical choices have been questionable, but, if you are struggling for ideas this season, please use the following guide.

Chilean Miners
I guarantee this will be way over done.  Unless you want to look like 5 other guys at the party, skip this one. 

You can go as Justin Bieber, especially if you can pull off the swoopy hair.  It's not really creative or edgy, but just OKAY.

Going Headless is ALWAYS cool and guaranteed to make people do a WTF double take.

Jack Sparrow, ok, do it if you want, but I'm telling you right now keep the friggin sword away from me!

Now this is just bad-ass, but why are they the only ones in costume?  Interesting...

Go ahead and go for the Lady Gaga move if you want.  Let me just warn you... people will ask if you are a hermaphrodite.  And you will probably have to sing too.
 Obviously, these are OK

If you are going with your pets, here are some funny options.



If you come near me in this outfit I will punch you in the face!