Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to Baghdad

Well I never thought I’d be looking out the window of a plane and see Baghdad that’s for sure.  This weekend, I’m transferring from Sri Lanka to Istanbul via Dubai and guess what… I fly directly over Baghdad. 
As I’m snapping this photo of the TV screen, the people around me start wondering just what the heck is The White Man doing.  So I point and say “Baghdad”. They ask me if that is where I’m going.  I say HELL NO!  They all have a good laugh as they turn their fingers into guns and laugh as they shoot them all over the place.  Apparently it is a real funny topic, Americans getting shot in Iraq.
I guess this is just one of those hidden benefits of traveling around the world.  You get to experience all the great interactions with other cultures.  In America we talk about celebrating diversity and people strap a rainbow sticker on the back of their car.  Outside America I don't see much celebrating of diversity and we certainly have our critics.