Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Contageous Accents

What is a contagious accent?  Well, basically it is what happens when you talk with someone who has a strong accent and it starts to rub off on you.   It could be the always awesome Austrailian with shrimp on the barbie, a slight drawl when you are around someone from the south, or the smart English accent of a Brit.

Particularly during this past trip down south, I noticed that when I talked to people for an extended amount of time I started up a little southern drawl of my own.  I was getting a little worried that I would still have it when I got home.

I happen to know a couple people who truly enjoy catching the British accent.  They could go on for hours and hours talking about tea and crumpets and such.  You would think they were getting ready for dinner with the Queen. 

One of my favorite accents is the Maine accent.  I often get requests to perform my Maine accent which usually I try to turn down.  But if I have a couple beers in me, you better watch out because I turn into a regular Mainah.  The problem is that it’s hard to turn off. 

So if you are talking to someone “from away”, or you are traveling, please be careful.