Monday, October 25, 2010

Byzantium, Constantinople, Stamboul, Augusta Antonina, New Rome, and Kostantiniyye

So these are all names for Istanbul, the place where I spent the day this weekend.  What a beautiful city with lots to see and lots of history.  Don't worry, I'm not going to get too boring here, just gonna give you my version.

Tourist stop #1 the Blue Mosque, it's wicked old and pretty impressive.  They throw everyone out at prayer time which is announce by a man howling over a loudspeaker.  Also visited was the Hagia Sophia and other historical sites that you could look up online if you actually cared.

It's bad for men and women to spiritually cleanse together.  This a very different area when it comes to the treatment of women. Nuff Said.

There is no place in the universe that is free from Starbucks and McDonald's.  I don't know why people would go there with so many great unique options available.

Lunch was a Margharita pizza, Fanta, Double Espresso, and Baklava.  This was all eaten on a patio with Bob Marley playing.  On the desert menu was a "water pipe" which is the long way of saying Bong.

They take their smoking very seriously.  I saw this guy and asked his permission to take a photo.  His only request was that I let him properly arrange his bong first.  I can appreciate that he didn't want his bong looking bad in a photo.  He was smoking this one on the sidewalk

I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out down by the water with a bunch of guys who were fishing.  There were people selling nuts, fishing tackle, hot tea, corn on the cob, and other things. 

Overall, I had a really great time exploring the city.  The buildings were beautiful, the weather was perfect, the people nice, and the food was tasty.  I don't want to move there, but it was a nice place to visit.