Monday, October 11, 2010

Do you want your eyebrows threaded?

My selection of cloths in my closet is getting a little weak.  I am down to one pair of jeans that isn't completely trashed.  So, with a little spare time today I headed to the mall. 

Let me just say right off the bat that I am not cut out for shopping.  There are only a couple stores at the mall that interest me even slightly.  So I don't make it there very often. 

Today, I was walking along headed to the next store on the quest for a pair of jeans that actually fit and I see an entire store dedicated to "Eyebrow Threading".  I stopped in my tracks, made a scruntched up face, and stared into the open doorway.  Clearly I have lost touch with what people are doing, because I have no idea what Eyebrow Threading is.

Apparently I'm not alone because they had a video playing outside the salon showing just what they do.  They basically use a technique of manipulating two strings to rip the hair out of your face. 
So I'm left wondering, how can you justify an entire salon only dedicated to ripping hair from peoples faces? 

Clearly it is an art form and much cooler than using tweezers to do the task.  Obviously string is less dangerous than putting hot wax on your eye.  What I'm really wondering is when they are going to shift this to other areas.  Underarm Threading or Bikini Threading anyone???

By the way, practically every pair of jeans I tried on felt like this but the waist was still too big.  It sucks having big legs with a small waist.

For my next post maybe I'll comment on how the sweater vest is back in style.  Wow, I have been living under a rock apparently.